Wood Carving

Wood carving is a form of working wood by means of a cutting tool held in hand, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine. Mahadev industries take in the pro cautions of craving and ensure the smooth course of action in order to deliver the best craving. We mostly deal in following type of carving.

We have finest design of bracket carving. It adds the decorative values. Bracket has beautiful hand carved acanthus flowing down the face which rest on an astragal between a belly, sleeve and fillet.

In many traditions of architecture including Classical architecture, the capital forms the crowning member of a column or a pilaster.

The capital projects on each side as it rises, in order to support the abacus and unite the form of the latter with the circular shaft of the column.

It is Matiz which is responsible for overall feelings to eye for any covering. It is not about the fine designs but it is about worth looking the floor and Mahadev industries pay entire attention towards admiration of the floor.