Teak Wooden saucer


Mahadev Wood Industries is best of all well-known firm, dealers, supplier and producer of A-One quality wooden kitchenware products in numerous shades, varieties of range and top quality. Natural occurring wood has its unbelievable attraction, delightful and importance and it will keep own cherishing designers and people with its appearance, stability and interest.

Teak Wooden Saucer set is one our finest collection of kitchenware. You can use them for every day eating and find more peaceful during meal times as without the clink of cutlery on china dish. They are also perfect for outing, barbecues or picnics as wood is a natural insulator and wooden plates don’t break if casually drop down.

Diameter :- 11 Inch

Height :- 1.75 Inch

Wood :- Teak


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