Drawer Box

Custom wood Drawer

custom-made-wooden-drawerNew range of Custom Drawers, We produces high quality and extremely precision Solid wood dovetail Drawers specifically to the needs of every Modular kitchen cabinet. Exclusive custom made wooden drawers are widely used nowadays for economy and actual space utilization purpose in small and medium kitchens. The drawer boxes are manufactured to meet the needs of the high end modular kitchen. Our high quality natural solid wood boxes are much more economical and designed for all types of average kitchens.

Height :- 3 Inch to 18 Inch

Width :- 6Inch to 36 Inch

Depth :- 15 Inch to 36 Inch

Thickness :- 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm

Wood Species :- White Ash, Pine wood, Beech wood, teak wood

Wooden kitchen drawer

wood-drawer-boxMahadev Wood offering a wide range of wooden drawer boxes for modular kitchen, these types of kitchen accessories can be found in Highly specialized kitchen cabinet. our hardwood drawer boxes are very easy to install all types of Kitchen cabinet and cupboard without any special accessories.

Kitchen drawer box

cabinet-drawer-boxOut Company is proud to be among the first of surely many who embrace the design and function of the kitchen drawer boxes. In Out Custom made wooden boxes for kitchen flexibility to add your own design elements, these boxes come fully assembled ready to add drawer front, wooden panel and installation. Kitchen boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shape, and choices of different wood species.