Pen Blanks

Wenge Pen Blanks


Wenge Pen BlanksVery rare exotic wenge pen blanks, unique quality of wood, made in selected high fiber wood.

Ironwood Pen Blanks

Ironwood Pen BlanksIron wood Very hard and dense wood,very rich and
dark color in Ironwood pen blanks

Rosewood Cross Cut Pen Blanks

Rosewood Cross Cut Pen BlanksThis pieces are cross curing in High grade of rosewood
super fiber, cross grain, wild color in rosewood cross
cut pen blanks.


Ebony Pen Blanks

Ebony Pen Blank

High Quality Ebony pen Blanks,
Cut in selected rare exotic ebony timber.

Compose Wood Blank

Compose Wood Blank

High quality and new design of pen blanks,
Special Composite wood pen blanks for pen makers.