Eccentric Wood Goblet

Tamboti Off Center Goblet

eccentric gobletOff Center Wooden Goblet is one of the finest craftman ships of Mahadev Wood Industries best devoted labor. Growing leading manufacturer & supplier of tamboti wood eccentric wine goblet in India, every goblet feel and touch represent royal standard. Tamboti wood products get extra hue upon turning into desired format.

Beechwood Eccentric Goblet

beachwood eccentric gobletWooden Goblet with eccentric ampere 2 – 3 captive rings in all possible direction in artistic look, this wooden goblet is designed which has asymmetry shape about an axis of rotation. Mahadev Wood Industries eccentric Wooden Chalice is perfectly produce by our skilled and efficient workers.


Indian Teakwood multi axis wooden goblet

Indian teakwood multi axis gobletMahadev Wood Industries multi axis goblet in Indian wood complements the eccentric shoot beautifully, and the captive rings are a nice touch rather than being superfluous

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Off Axis Wood Goblet

off axis gobletOff Axis Wooden Goblet is firmly crafted 5 – 6 time off the axis to develop into perfect eccentric wooden goblet. The result is a little guess and by gosh but our expert tried to keep the main stem somewhat in line as it comes up thru the beads.