Wooden Plates

Acacia Wooden plate

acacia_Wood_PlateMahadev Acacia Wood Plate set universally complements in dining tableware, amusement, or snacks eating purpose. Our acacia plate set is great for varieties of dishes you serve, as well as salad cater. Also create an enormous meat and cheese dishes serve in these plates.

Acacia wood is naturally occurring resin, protect against penetration by water and the hardwood will not get blemish or take up odors.

All of Mahadev Wood Industries acacia wood products are hand turned and items like acacia wooden salad plates, wooden bowl set, kitchenware or other acacia wood specialty items like pasta & pizza plates and designer bowls are hand carved, providing each product a unique grain and attractive look

White ash wooden plates

white_ash_wooden_plateMahadev Wooden products have an exceptionally extended lifespan. Each ash wood plate has a specific quality that makes them exceptional and most of them are asymmetrical in structure and design.

White ash wooden plate is compatible with both cold and hot food serving.

This wooden tableware is perfect for cultural renovation and gives a creative and elegant look to your daily serving table.

White Ash species of wood used traditionally for manufacturing plates for serving food. The wood for these plates was chosen from the most fine-looking pieces and then dried before moulding.

Diameter – 25.5 cm

Height – 3.5 cm

Wood type – White ash


Teakwood Platter

Platter_teakwoodMahadev Wood industries beautiful teak plates were manufactured with our customer satisfaction strategy at very low cost. Teakwood is natural occuring wood with its unique design and texture. Use a little teak conditioning oil to your wooden dinnerware and they will appear marvelous on your table. 9” wide teak wood plates are our specialty production.

Mahadev Wood Industries only utilize genuine teak wooden blocks for our manufacturing. We are engaged in almost every product manufacturing of woods with natural timber available with us like kitchen to flooring and stair parts to exotic wooden moulding.

Designer Wooden Plates

designer_wooden _plate

Mahadev Wood industry is well known for its unmatched Designer Wooden plates for dinner and catering purposes. You feel proud to serve your precious Guest with your skilled food and dishes on designer wooden plates and they are forced to admire your cooking and hospitality. We make these products for people who love good quality food and want to be serving it on antique tableware.

Product Specifications


Sold By: Mahadev Wood Industry

Category: Wooden Plates

Style: Designer

Available: 9″, 10”or 12″

Wooden bowl plates

wooden_bowl_plateIf you are searching for wooden bowls plates to use every day catering purpose than you are in the accurate place. Mahadevwood Industries have been manufacturing and supplying them since two decade on a skilled lathe machine. Wooden bowl plate is the product used for dual purpose i.e. as a soup bowl and fried rice eating or as a dinner or catering platter.

Mahadev Wood industries guarantees of using only naturally occurring solid wood for our unique production. Wooden bowl plates are developed on demand of our enthusiastic customers. Our precious customers are delighted with our serving worldwide.

Rosewood square plate

rosewood square plate

Beautiful solid rosewood square dinner plates for your dining delight. Enhance your natural table with wooden plates in a variety of sizes in rosewood. Our wooden plates coordinate with our designer wooden bowls set, finest spoons and wooden flatware (fork and knife). Rosewood plates by Mahadevwood are a perfect alternative to plastic, Chinaware, and paper. Crafted from a single piece of premium hardwood and sanded silky smooth.

Producing and designing by our Expert Hand turners in preferred species of natural and eco friendly solid wood. It is our duty that we only select out lath or wooden board that does not have any impression of termites or bacteria.

Pizza Wood Platter

pizza_wood_platePizza Wooden Platter is our outstanding production of all time. Mahadev wood industries have great range and shape of pizza platter at your desired price. Our all products are Eco friendly and manufactured with natural occurring material. Pizza Wooden Platter reveals you the taste and remembrance of Domino’s and Mc Donald fast food.

Our finest production Pizza Wooden Platter is available to at very affordable price with wide range quality like-

Dinnerware Type: Dishes & Plates

Material: Wood

Feature: Stocked, Eco- Friendly

Area:  Natural domestic

Color: As visible on display

Pattern Type: Solid wood

Plate Type: Pizza Platter

Teak Wooden saucer


Mahadev Wood Industries is best of all well-known firm, dealers, supplier and producer of A-One quality wooden kitchenware products in numerous shades, varieties of range and top quality. Natural occurring wood has its unbelievable attraction, delightful and importance and it will keep own cherishing designers and people with its appearance, stability and interest.

Teak Wooden Saucer set is one our finest collection of kitchenware. You can use them for every day eating and find more peaceful during meal times as without the clink of cutlery on china dish. They are also perfect for outing, barbecues or picnics as wood is a natural insulator and wooden plates don’t break if casually drop down.

Diameter :- 11 Inch

Height :- 1.75 Inch

Wood :- Teak

Round Wooden Dinner plate

Round wooden plate

We have a wide range of presentation for woodenware dinner plate suitable for everyday catering use. This woodenware are unbreakable with varieties like Round wooden dinner plate set, square wooden dinner plate set, unique designer dinner plate set, and many more. All Mahadev wooden plates are available at standard size with optimal affordable price.

This collection of woodenware is comprised of a beautiful selection of superlative quality timber species include Ebony wood, Teak wood, Rosewood, Iron wood, Zebrano, Cocobolo, White ash, Beech wood, Pine Wood, Red Cedar and other natural wood presentation woodenware including catering boards, platters, condiment and kitchenware knifes, trays, and bowls.

Our professional Master Turners put effort and experience in to action by creating such fantastic designer plates by Hand turning or Machine Turning.

Diameter :- 11 Inch

Height :- 1.75 Inch

wooden pizza plate

pizza wooden plate

This high quality White ash wood pizza plates is ideal for serving starters, mains meal, serving platters, and in specifically pizza. This pizza wooden plate’s quality an external rim and a touch groove for every day catering convenience.

Each of these wooden serving platters is delightfully exclusive with natural difference in colour and design, ideal for creating a desirous feel.

White ash wood is a durable solidwood with the grain is almost always straight and permanent, though eventually moderate coiled or figured lath can be found. This white ash wood is perfect for catering kitchenware and is as realistic as it is attractive.


Wood Care & Protection:

  • Cleanse soapy warm water
  • Avoid soak
  • Immediately dried

Zebra cross wooden square plate

square plateMahadev Wood industry’s Zebra cross woodenware 12″ Square Plate set is popular for tapas which are a wide variety of appetizers, or refreshments, in Spanish cooking or your main course. Entertaining is a gentle seawall wind with these gorgeous, Eco-friendly wooden plates, as they will surely be the converse on your dining table. Actually decorate your dining table by creating a full dinner set with our dishes, dinnerware, wooden bowls, and other solid wood kitchenware.  We carefully select the woods lath by lath so that you can get the best figuring, designer and the best skin color available. We have square woodenware plates in a 10″ and 12″ as well. Every product is packed in separated Eco friendly polythene baggage with fine export quality box packing.

Zebra cross Woodenware Square Plates 12″ (Set of 6), 12″ x 12″ x 2″

Wood Plate

wood_platesThis Wood plate is hand turned out of White ash and Ironwood or White ash and Red Cedar. Our all wood plates is unique, one of a kind, Machine and Hand turned, sanded and finished by our Master Turners. It would be perfect for a small serving of food, fruit or snacks Etc.

Diameter :- 11 Inch

Height :- 1 Inch

Wood :- White ash + Iron Wood

Wood Platter


This exclusively designed Wood Platter is hand turned from one solid piece of White ash, also available in other solid hardwood.  Our professional Master Turners put effort and experience in to action by creating such fantastic designer plates by Hand turning or Machine Turning.

Diameter :- 11 Inch

Height :- 1.75 Inch

Wood :- White ash


Wooden Plate


This exclusively designed Wooden Plate is made or machine turned from one solid piece of White ash and Iron wood. It measures 11 inches in diameter or 1 inch thick and has a food grade finish. Use it for food, fruit or snacks Etc.

Diameter :- 11 Inch

Height :- 1 Inch

Wood :- White ash + Iron Wood