Chair Rail

Chair Rail Design


Previously, the main uses of chair rails were to protect the walls in dining rooms from any accidental damage while sitting and having dinner while diners but now its uses are much more than that. It is important to choose a chair rails depending on its size, it should be to the proportion to the room.

The chair rails must not be too slender in a larger room so that it looks very insignificant for your room. 2 things mainly it’s color and design brings an additional dimension to your chair molding. The color of chair molding is mostly painted white so that it looks good. Infact a deep, bold color can also add spark to one’s home and room.

Chair Rail Moulding


Chair rail and molding are two ways to increase the style and they also add different feel to your room. Moulding basically eases the emptiness of large rooms and eases their empty feelings.
The important use of chair rail mouldings was to save walls from the bumps that chairs can create. So it is become very important to go for moulding with the help of expert only.

It is important to plan the layout before moulding, It can be done by measuring the dimensions of the room. Chair rail moulding is installed to about one-third up to the height of your wall. It also adds lot of interest to any room.
Not that moulding in a dry and well-ventilated area only.

Casing Moulding


Every room in your house needs some type of moulding installed to have a style and luxurious rooms. There are many types of mouldings which leaves you with an inviting sense of contentment.

Windows and doors usually stand out when they are “framed” with casing moulding and it is also used to border the outside of doors and windows.
Case moulding is made from wood, polyurethane, or fiberboard. Polyurethane is wrap resistant and good option for those who wants to paint their moulding. Wood adds classic feel to the room.

Wooden Chair Rail


Wood Molding is one of the best items to consider in your interior design efforts and it is very versatile. Wood molding can be used in many different ways. Wooden chair rails are considered to be a decorative molding found in many homes. It is placed horizontally on a wall at a height of about 2 1/2 to 3 feet from the floor.

It is important to have a vast product selection so that it is done by experts and fill in your budget. Make sure that it doesn’t take it much time to choose.

Experience is very much needed for designing these Wooden Chair Rail as it speaks for the longevity and quality of the product.

Wood Chair Rail


Wood chair rail is a piece of molding made of wood which is placed at the wall on the top of the chair designed to protect the walls from damage.

Chair Rails can be made with your choice of wood species.The entire rail can be specified with wood or mixing it with combining wood species. Wood fillers are also used if you are dealing with chipped wood chair rail.

At Mahadewoods we design wood chair rails as it provides classy finish to the room with extra protection from the chairs. We also provide print catalogue on request you can look through it for you leisure and then decide you want to use the product or not.